About us

About Us

DiabeThrive - Your Partner in Diabetes Care

Rooted in Experience & Compassion

At DiabeThrive, we intimately understand the complexities and challenges that come with living with diabetes. We are a close-knit, family-owned business, established by individuals who have navigated the tumultuous waters of diabetes firsthand. Our inception is based on a heartfelt mission— to craft and provide innovative, practical solutions that significantly improve the quality of life for those managing diabetes.

Our Journey

Our journey is deeply ingrained in personal experience. Living through the daily battles and unpredictable nature of diabetes has ignited a fervent passion within us to transform the lives of those encountering similar hurdles.

Our Commitment

Our dedication is unwavering— to present a collection of meticulously curated products aimed at empowering and aiding individuals on their diabetes management journey. We staunchly believe that, while challenging, diabetes should never impede one's zest for life. We are here to amplify your diabetes care experience with inventive and dependable offerings.

Our Products

We've drawn from our personal experiences to create products like insulin pump belts and G-tube pads. The remainder of our product lineup is carefully selected from trusted suppliers, each item chosen with care, comfort, functionality, and convenience in mind, spanning beyond just diabetes care to encompass various facets of everyday life.

Why Choose DiabeThrive?

  • Personal Touch: Our lived experiences with diabetes fuel our drive to devise solutions that elevate comfort and ease in diabetes management.
  • Quality & Reliability: Every product in our repertoire is scrutinized to ensure it aligns with our stringent standards of quality and durability.
  • Family-Oriented Approach: Upholding the ethos of trust, reliability, and compassion inherent in a family business, we view every customer as an extension of our family.
  • Progressive Improvement: Your insights are invaluable in our ongoing quest to refine our services and product range, enabling us to evolve and better serve your needs.

Become a Part of Our Community

We advocate the power of collective support and camaraderie. The journey with diabetes can be daunting, but with our community, you are never alone. We warmly welcome you to connect, exchange experiences, and explore our diverse product spectrum designed to help you triumph over diabetes.

Connect with Us

Your thoughts and inquiries are of utmost importance to us. If you have any reflections, suggestions, or questions, please feel free to contact us. By uniting, we can render life with diabetes more controllable and fulfilling.

Thank you for entrusting DiabeThrive as your compassionate ally in diabetes care.

Founder of Diabethrive
Marinela Arnautu 

Co Founder and Project Manager 
Julian Arnautu 

Ambasador of Diabethrive
Samantha Danielsson